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Call for proposals to host future meetings

We are inviting any member of the Cardiac Physiome Society to submit a brief proposal for the 15th Cardiac Physiome Workshop in 2023 and/or the 16th Cardiac Physiome Workshop 18-24 months later in 2024/25.

Useful Background on the Cardiac Physiome Workshop:

By way of background, the Cardiac Physiome Workshop is a 2-day meeting often proceeded by a 1-day CIPA Satellite Workshop ( and sometimes held as a satellite meeting of the IUPS Congress though it is too late to propose a satellite for the next congress in May 2022.

Please see for a list of past meetings, their dates, locations, and themes.

If you are interested, please email us and we are happy to share copies of recent past meeting proposals and summary budget information for your convenience, though we understand that many factors affect local conference costs.

Established traditions of the workshops include:

  • An interdisciplinary theme related to cardiac modeling
  • 2-4 world class invited Plenary Lecturers representing both modeling and experimental or clinical research
  • 3-4 oral sessions per day that each typically include 2 or more invited Keynote Speakers representing computational modeling and experimental or clinical research with ample time for Q&A
  • An emphasis on encouraging the presentation of new or unpublished research and promoting new interdisciplinary and international collaborations
  • Ample time for poster sessions that encourage student participation and participant interactions
  • A commitment to encourage diversity, the participation of student and early career investigators, and the inclusion of participants from as many parts of the world as possible
  • Presentation of the James B. Bassingthwaighte Student Poster Awards and the John Jeremy Rice Early Career Investigator Award
  • A Local Organizing Committee with past experience hosting conferences/meetings
  • A Scientific Advisory Committee including past organizers that helps with thematics, programming, budgeting and planning
  • When in person, a participation typically in the range of 100-150 registrants including invited speakers/panelists/participants, students and early career as well as established researchers
  • A budget sufficient to pay the travel, housing and registration costs of plenary speakers and, if possible, the housing and registration costs of other invited speakers and moderators
  • A registration fee structure that encourages student and trainee attendance

If you are interested in hosting the 15th Cardiac Physiome Workshop in or around the second quarter of 2023 and/or the 16th Cardiac Physiome Workshop about 18 months later, please submit a brief proposal as a Word document or PowerPoint presentation summarizing:

  1. Name, institution, position and biosketch of organizer and the names of confirmed or anticipated co-organizers
  2. Location
  3. Anticipated venue or venues if known
  4. Range of possible meeting dates that is wide enough to avoid conflicting events
  5. Possible scientific theme or themes
  6. Potential sponsors if known
  7. Why you think the proposed location, timing and theme are appropriate and their advantages

Proposals received before Friday December 10 will be invited to present at a recorded Webinar (5 mins presentation followed by Q&A discussion) later in December, followed by electronic balloting in early January. The outcome of the voting will be announced by Monday January 17.

Please upload proposals to: